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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) is short for friendly rent-a-car. 

Almost all of our car rental units are equipped with automatic transmission. We consider recently traffic in Kuching becomes more crowded so very recommended to drive with automatic model. Anyway, please ask us about its availability based on your schedule.

Normally, we offer only Self-Drive car or without driver for your trip. If you need car with a driver, simply let us know and then we may arrange it with a driver

Aware about the customer satisfaction and safety is the most priority, we do our-best to keep all of our cars in good condition and well-maintenance. Update the car to be the latest units so they are not older than 5 years (except the cheapest one). Make it clean and double check its condition before hand-over process.

The rental rate is calculated based on 24 hours /day. The time will be starting based on your convenience request. Exceeding time will be considered a full day if more than 6 hours, in other hand 10%/hour cost may be applied.

Yes, we deliver it based on your time request. However we are a real human and our working time is 08:00-22:00. Outside the time duration may cost RM20 for human labor cost to do delivery or collection service.

We will inform all the charge in advance before delivery and make sure the customers notice about it.

No, we don’t. However it can be rented also with additional cost RM15/day for a GPS Navigation Device.  We recommend you to download in advance in your smartphone and use Waze, Google Maps, or other apps.

No, it is forbidden to drive outside Malaysia.

Don’t be panic, you can let us know by calling our hotline number. We will let you know what should to do next.

Simply fill-in the booking form in the each of car page or via WhatsApp/Email/PhoneCall. After everything is okay, then we will send you a confirmation and make sure the arrangement (easy process)

We may take security deposit (RM50-RM150) and will refund at the end of rental day when collection process.